Xi lanh trục vít ASG


ASG Limited Liability Company is

pioneer in the field of manufacturing screw cylinders for plastic injection machines in Viet Nam.


Bộ xi lanh trục vít

Barrel screw set

High quality screw cylinder, can be used for all plastic injection machines from leading brands in the world such as Sumitomo, Nissei, Fanuc, JSW, Toshiba,…

Khay nhựa định hình

Formed plastic trays

Convenient plastic trays, rich materials such as PET, PS, PP, PVC and a variety of options in thickness, anti-static, … ensure to meet all requirements from customers.

máy tách kim loại ASG

Metal separator system

Detect and remove metals such as iron, steel, stainless steel, copper, aluminum, … from plastic to ensure the operation of cylinders, screws and product quality.

camera giam sat

Mold surveillance camera

Monitoring and timely detection of image abnormalities in the production process is extremely easy and accurate, helping to increase production efficiency.

thiết bị, phụ kiện ngành ép nhựa, đúc nhựa

Other components

Providing plastic injection equipment and accessories such as suction knob, suction foot, temperature sensor, insulation and many other products with top quality and dedicated service.

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